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Cacophony of Screaming Stars
The Cacophony of Screaming Stars

Amorphous blobs float in front of him, taking on strange forms before morphing into the familiar shapes of numerals, prime numbers.
   1 2 3 5 11 13
The thirteen loomed at him for a moment before attacking and swallowing up the 3, shifting around to become a 16 which glowed brightly and threatened to blind him as he watched.
He wakes up.
The mathematician begins to suspect that his dreams are interfering with his everyday life.
He believes he would be more productive and more useful part of society if he could get more restful sleep.
If he could sleep at night then he could figure out things during the day, he feels his accomplishments are being stolen from him by his dreams.
He has a sleep study done, an MRI, goes to psychiatrists and doctors. Everyone says he's fine.
Eventually, after much searching he finds a doctor of alternative medicine who nods sagely as he describes his symptoms.
The doctor provi
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Two Minds by xybre Two Minds :iconxybre:xybre 1 2
"If I knew where we were going, I wouldn't have asked!"
"Don't act more stupid than you already are."
They trudged through the thick vegetation of the jungle floor. It was dark deep beneath the canopy, mushrooms glowed in nooks of the trees and green moss and vines hung down everwhere. From the ground between the massive trees sprouted wondrous blue and orange flowers and tall black stalks of black bamboo sprouting white and pink flowers. All of which the pair hacked at with broad blades and trampled without a second glance. Blown glass vials full of luminescent liquid hung from their necks, lighting their way. A concentrate from the local mushrooms and a cave growing slime.
"Look why can't you just tell me? I want to hear you say it."
"No. It won't make you feel any better. I don't have any good news for you."
The younger of the two looked morose, but kept cutting his way through the woody stalks. The stalks would grow higher than either of the young men were tall in just a few days.
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Passage to Ephesus :iconxybre:xybre 0 8
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Music Soothes The Savage Beast :iconxybre:xybre 0 7
But is it art? by xybre But is it art? :iconxybre:xybre 3 21 Logo by xybre Logo :iconxybre:xybre 4 6
Obsidian - 1 and 2
Visible only as an absence of stars, its presence felt more in the bones than seen by eyes.
A subtle itching in the skin followed by a cold breeze.
Slicing through the sky of endless night an obsidian dagger a gentle shimmer - or perhaps a shudder - in the light of the stars in its wake.
Fifty years ago it was born of a hybrid of "found" technology and cutting edge theories as an experiment in pushing the envelope of what could be considered possible.
It was a massive failure. Investments were unreturned, reputations were destroyed, and millions of lives were lost.
The religious said that we had meddled in the affairs of the gods when we tried to break the rules they had set for in our universe.
The general consensus among scientists merely remarked that what was attempted was impossible.
Both came away from the event feeling vindicated. Book deals were inked, competing films went into post production before becoming mired in the legal battles: desperate survivors throwing a pity party
:iconxybre:xybre 1 10
No Beauty Left by xybre No Beauty Left :iconxybre:xybre 5 2 Blood Nebula by xybre Blood Nebula :iconxybre:xybre 2 2 Wall of the Inner Mind by xybre Wall of the Inner Mind :iconxybre:xybre 2 10


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The power in our stories.
Tonight is the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, which literally translates to 'head of the year.' It's the first day, One Tishrei, of the new Jewish Year 5772. The Rabbis teach us that Rosh Hashanah is the anniversary of the creation of man and woman.
Isn't that sort of odd?
There were six days of creation (and one day of rest) in the first week of the world. We are not starting at the beginning of this biblical week, nor really at the end. Instead we start our calendar, and every new year, at the anniversary of day 6, the creation of man. Why day six? Is it because humanity might, perhaps, be a bit egotistical?
I think there is more to it then that.
Is there something else that makes day 6 special? In Genesis, chapter two, we receive the second version of the creation story. God has created Adam but, before creating Eve, Adonai has a task for the first man. God brings forth every beast and bird He has created and presents them to Adam. The Torah states that God "brought them to the man to
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A star once fell from the sky in a far away land. The ruler of that land, a man whose name is lost to time, had his servants search for its resting place and bring a piece to the ruler’s blacksmith so that he might fashion him a blade made from the very material of the stars.

The blacksmith was renowned for his craftsmanship and speed, he had 20 sons and 20 daughters, and a beautiful wife. The blacksmith found that his forge would not melt the metal and fearing for his life, for the ruler of the land was an evil man, he began filing away at the metal both day and night. But the metal was hard and it took many months. At the change of the season the ruler demanded his blade, but discovered that it was not done. At once the ruler took the metal and struck down the blacksmith’s oldest daughter with it. The blacksmith had no time to mourn and he returned to his work.
Night and day for many months he worked, and when the seasons changed the ruler of the land returned and demanded his blade from the blacksmith, but found it was not done. He took the metal and struck down the blacksmith’s oldest son with it. The blacksmith had no time to mourn and he returned to his work.
For many seasons the blacksmith worked and the ruler of the land took the life of one child each season. Until the blacksmith had only one son left and one daughter. When the ruler of the land came again demanded his blade and found it was done. Immediately the ruler of the land took the dagger and cut the throat of the blacksmith, and then his wife, his daughter, and finally his last son.

The ruler of the land bore the dagger into many throats and upon his deathbed he ruled over a much greater portion of land than his father had before him. His son too took the dagger and with it many conquests. His grandson also spread his rule far afield to the sea and the river and the mountains when he came to a village and its temple.

The grandson was a powerful ruler and general of his armies, had besieged and defeated many walled cities and he led his men to take the temple. Upon the very altar of the temple he cut the throat of the high priest, there is a scar in the altar to this day still stained with the blood of the high priest. The general and his men struck down the priests and monks and novices until just one young monk was left hidden beneath the lotus in the pond of the temple garden. He heard the cries of his fellows and his tears so poured into the pool that it became bitter as the waters of the ocean. He hid there for three days and three nights without food and unable to drink the bitter water. Trembling he crept through the halls of the temple stained with the blood of his fellows, the grandson’s armies slept on the mats that the young monk and his fellows had slept in, and the general slept in the bed of the high priest. Next to the generals head was a dagger, black and faceted like a gemstone, it had fallen out of its sheath. The young monk took the dagger and lifted it above his head, at that moment a watchmen cried out, and the general opened his eyes. The young monk plunged the dagger into the general’s heart and the general’s men screamed “phantom!” and “water demon!” for his robes still dripped with water. The soldiers fled into the night and returned to their faraway land.

The village did not know how but they knew the temple had caused the invaders to flee, so they sent their sons and daughters to the temple to become novices, then monks, then priests. The young monk placed the dagger in a box and buried the box deep beneath the temple garden and then planted a tree that would grow great roots so that his secret and the terrible history of the dagger might be hidden forever. And so it was for many years. The young monk became the old high priest and until his last day never spoke a word about the dagger or the night the soldiers fled. Upon his deathbed, alone with the next chosen high priest, and in whispers he told the story, and then immediately expired. And so it was for many generations, with the old high priest telling the young high priest the story and no one else, so that the truth was preserved but that the shame of the temple be kept secret.

After a season, a year, a generation, and a dynasty had come to pass, a novice, a child of the temple, went to meditate in the garden beneath the great tree. As he sat he noticed that near the roots of the great tree was the corner of a box. He dug the box from the roots of the great tree and looked inside. He had never touched a dagger before so he hid the box in his robes. When the novice was alone in a dark room he took the box from his robe and looked inside again. The dagger was so sharp that when he touched the blade he completely severed the end of his finger. His cries were heard throughout the temple and a priest found him and bandaged his wound with herbs and cloth, but he dared not touch a weapon. He came to the high priest and told him of the dark blade he had found at the feet of the child. Immediately the high priest gathered them together, notice, monk, and priest alike and told them the story so that the dagger would not draw another drop of blood because of ignorance or shame.

It was a sacred thing profaned, the taker of many innocent lives, yet through it a town and its temple were saved.
A story intended to be told as an oral tradition. Came to me in a vision. Vaguely inspired by recent events and research. 
Holy shit.
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